Co-founder of Goodness To GoAbout Dr. Fran Hamilton

Dr. Hamilton was born into a medical family in Canada and has served internationally since 1979 in the fields of education and medicine.

In 2000, her daughter, Grace Shanti, was adopted in Calcutta, India. Fran’s family returned to Calcutta in 2010 to visit Grace’s birthplace and to form a local philanthropic partnership with Child In Need Institute.

The missions of the Goodness To Go social enterprise include mobilizing integral service, developing an integrated K-12 service learning curriculum, and preventing young girls from being sold into Calcutta brothels.

Dr. Hamilton practices integrative family medicine in Boulder, Colorado on the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

I have known and been inspired by Dr. Fran Hamilton since 1995 when we began to work together at Boulder Family Practice.  She is a deeply caring, genuine, and skillful physician with a wealth of healing abilities.

Phil Weber, M.D.

It was indeed my lucky day when a friend recommended Dr. Fran Hamilton. Dr. Hamilton combines both technical proficiency with a desire for improving the health of her patients and her community in a caring and compassionate way. She truly takes time to actively listen and partner with her patients to deliver the optimum holistic health care approach. I wish everyone could have a nurturing caregiver like Dr. Hamilton in their lives.

Peggy Brauer

Dr. Fran Hamilton is the first physician who ever committed to a partnership with me for my health. Also, as my life coach, her commitment to patiently sharing ideas, wisdom, practices, and disciplines has improved my quality of life, just as her medical care has. She has spent her life sharing her great intellect, wisdom, and enthusiasm helping others. Goodness To Go is a glowing and sincere gift from her to those in need of fresh ideas, perspectives, and hope.

Sue Kemner-Richardson

As a gifted business coach and mentor, Dr. Fran Hamilton has provided me with a treasure trove of insight and guidance for years. Our business coaching sessions are a refreshing and inspiring wellspring which allows me to see my business in a new perspective and come up with innovative ideas. Goodness To Go is an uplifting and living philosophy embodied by Dr. Hamilton, and her book is a contemporary articulation of underlying principles that are ancient and true.

Wade S. Luther, CEO
North American Technology Exchange

Dr. Fran Hamilton is a gentle soul and brilliant doctor whom I’ve known for over thirty years. Dr. Hamilton has been passionate about humanitarian work since she was young, and her ability to see the world with wisdom and heart makes her a profound teacher. Readers who care about others will treasure the inspiration, compassion, and knowledge conveyed in Goodness To Go.

Karen Cunningham-Marx, MFA
founding director of Mali Assistance Project