Self-Inquiry Steps

The Introduction to Goodness To Go includes an A*B*C*D* Self-Inquiry Process, a framework for easeful, deep exploration of your chosen topic.

A -Attention: With gratitude for this opportunity, prepare yourself inside and out for uninterrupted, easeful reflection free of distraction.
B – Balanced Breath: Enjoy the natural flow of your breath as you release thoughts and direct your attention to resting in the pause between breaths. Observe the space where the breath subsides and arises. It holds the power to turn within. The power of peace is in the pause.
C – Connect and Contemplate: Formulate and optimize your question or topic, then hold in in your awareness. Request insights or guidance from your inner wisdom. Go deeper. Ask again, “What more can I learn about this?” Cultivate the power of patience and gratitude. Remain open and attuned as you listen for the voice of inner knowing and your mind rests in its source.
D – Download and Describe: Record uncensored ideas, insights, thoughts, images, intuitions, connections, related inquires, strategies, and resources. Develop small, specific, scheduled steps (the 3 Ss) to implement your action plan. Discern changes required. Evolve effectively!

Prepare to be present for the present in the Present!

Outlined below is P.R.E.S.E.N.T.©, another way to support your intention setting, envisioning, and small, specific, scheduled action steps.
Approach your steady effort with an open mind and heart’s consent.

P. Prepare peaceful space inside and out, gather needed materials, have easeful, balanced breathing
R. Recognize the topic or inquiry you choose to investigate with curiosity, compassion, and creativity
E. Explore and ask further questions, distill the essence of your inquiry, and optimize its articulation
S. Silence smile gently, turn inward, hold the topic of your contemplation in your awareness – breathe
E. Envision your desired outcome or process of integration, record your insights, then outline a plan
N. Nurture yourself on every level and gather resources as you assimilate your evolving knowledge
T. Take your time as you calmly take small steps breath by breath – open to learning with enthusiasm!

Explore how a regular self-inquiry practice benefits both your personal life and your world. Experiment with essencing, extracting the essence of your intentions. Probing questions reveal the light that guides your quest. Active inquiry and reflection bring understanding about why you want to engage in a particular action and how to approach it most effectively. First know both your ‘WHAT’ (your vision, including what you want to feel) and your ‘WHY’ (insights and motivations about its importance). Clear intentions galvanize clear attainments.