Reviews & Recommendations for
Goodness To Go: A Handbook for Humanitarians

“I love this book! I’m so excited to read that Goodness To Go shares my outlook.
It seems that bad things in the world are emphasized by many people, and Dr. Hamilton keeps pointing out that there’s a whole lot of good here. Yes! Yes!”

Jamie Hart
Boulder, Colorado

I recently bought Goodness to Go because I’ve spoken to Dr. Hamilton on a few occasions and have been impressed with her for several reasons.  She speaks and something inside me goes “YES”; her wise words ring true.  She’s genuine and is obviously caring.  Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious.  It’s good to be in the company of someone who makes you feel better by her presence.

 In these few days since buying the book, I’ve been busy like we all seem to be, so until I get a chunk of time to start at the beginning, I’ve picked up the book several times and read a few pages here and there that sparked my interest.  What I’ve found is that this isn’t one book, it’s a whole library…the 500 pages are packed full of inspiration, useful information, great quotes from other wise ones, a banquet of food for thought. Lots of aha moments happened for me.  Wow, there’s no fluff in this book!  I felt like putting it under my pillow in hopes that I soak it all up while I sleep.  So glad to have this book.

Thanks for being you!
Annie Pasikov
Professional Stone Sculptor and Senior Caregiver

Goodness To Go is so important. It must come forward. Everyone I meet wants to offer compassionate service.

Laura Simms, internationally renowned storyteller

Part scientific treatise, part gathering of the world’s great wisdom, part guided self-reflection, Dr. Fran Hamilton’s Goodness To Go – A Handbook for Humanitarians offers the reader inspiration and encouragement to seek and find a path of integral service. Reading this book can change your life. Many of us reading this book can change the world.

Angie Francis
former President and CEO of CHIP of Virginia, writer, grandmother, and consultant

Expect to be changed by reading this book. Get ready for your heart to be deeply plowed and for your soul to be fortified. Watch for the buds of authentic action emerging in your own life that will be inspired by these words. Goodness To Go takes us through the process of clarifying our purpose, helping us overcome internal and external barriers, and launches us into compassionate action. Grounded in experiential knowledge and guided by wise intuition,  this writing is a joy to take in. Share it widely!

       Beth Osnes, Ph.D.
Co-founder of Mothers Acting Up
Founding-Director of Striking the Match:
Performance to Ignite Positive Social Change