What is Goodness To Go?

Goodness to Go, LLC is a social enterprise that was founded in 2008 by Dr. Fran Hamilton, Mark Sherman, and their daughter, Grace Shanti, who was adopted in 2000 from Calcutta, India.

The 3 key missions of Goodness to Go are:

  • to develop an integrated Kindergarten through 12th Grade service learning curriculum based on Goodness To Go – A Handbook for Humanitarians that promotes altruism and global citizenship
  • to promote Goodness To Go gatherings in communities around the globe to provide on-going support for the discovery, refinement, and mobilization of participants’ integral service
  • to support and expand effective programs in partnership with Child In Need Institute (CINI) that prevent at-risk young girls from being sold into brothels in Calcutta, India and empower them with income-generating life skills

October 2010 Travel to Calcutta, India

The Sherman-Hamilton family flew to Calcutta in October, 2010 to follow-up on Mark’s solo journey in 2009 to Grace Shanti’s birthplace.  We met with several Indian philanthropies and initiated a partnerships with Child In Need Institute.

Please contact us to get involved. Our blog was originally created to share the chronicles of our journey, and we welcome your inspirations, ideas, contacts, and support for future content.

Telephone: 303-413-1206 or contact us by email.