Four years ago, a team of humanitarians chose October 24th as a day to celebrate the truth that all of life is connected by the genes we inherit, the air we breathe, and the consciousness we share. My first Goodness To Go blog post a few days ago began with a quote by Albert Einstein that recognized the unified energy of creation. Global Oneness Day spreads the message that we are one global family and its intent is to empower us to create cultures of peace and prosperity, creativity and love.

How are we to live so that humanity collaborates to thrive, not merely competing to survive? If peace is every step and begins in the human heart, what can you do today to acknowledge and celebrate our true inter-connectedness? Social media can be a tremendous tool that shares information and supports the mobilization of our goodness to go. At the same time, remember to nourish the “real-world” human connectivity that is only possible face-to-face as we engage in meaningful conversations from the depths of our hearts and minds. What is a kind and creative conversation that you could initiate in the next three days? Who might you thank for their support in your life? I appreciate being on the great adventure of the human journey with you!

Celebrating integral service, Dr. Fran