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Global Heart Citizenship

The glorious diversity of life on earth enriches our lives with wonder and beauty. Especially in times of strife, the grand gathering of the Olympics can serve as a torch bearing the light of global interconnectivity. Colorado fireman Mark Sherman, a co-director of Child In Need Institute - USA and father of Grace Shanti who was adopted from a Calcutta orphanage, is taking his stand as a global citizen. Right now, Mark is at the mid-point of a three week Olympian effort, maneuvering through the slums of Calcutta, India to document the stories of young girls empowered by the award-winning programs of CINI-India. During this week in which the heart is celebrated, take a moment to visit the website of Goodness To Go, a social enterprise that supports CINI through sales of Goodness To Go - A Handbook for Humanitarians.  (www.goodnesstogo.org) Many thanks for mobilizing your compassion in action and global citizenship!

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Super Bowl of Service!

This Superbowl Sunday, a firemen-videographer from Colorado is documenting the 40th anniversary celebrations of Child In Need Institute (CINI) in Calcutta, India. Mark Sherman is co-director of CINI-USA, a non-profit philanthropy supporting the World Health Organization-winning programs of CINI-India. For decades in communities living in extreme poverty in West Bengal, CINI's community based child protection, nutrition, and health programs have transformed millions of lives and prevented many young girls from being trafficked into the sex trade. Goodness To Go is a social enterprise that promotes sales of its Handbook for Humanitarians, a uniquely valuable life resource for invigorating self-care, resourcing resilience, clarifying values, and mobilizing our service legacy through compassion in action. Proceeds support CINI's girl empowerment programs. To learn more, view the CINI video on Goodness To Go's Facebook page and watch for upcoming video postings when Mark returns from India. Remarkable films that bring rays of hope to the plight of impoverished children in India are Born Into Brothels, Girl Rising, and The Revolutionary Optimists.

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