The glorious diversity of life on earth enriches our lives with wonder and beauty. Especially in times of strife, the grand gathering of the Olympics can serve as a torch bearing the light of global interconnectivity. Colorado fireman Mark Sherman, a co-director of Child In Need Institute – USA and father of Grace Shanti who was adopted from a Calcutta orphanage, is taking his stand as a global citizen. Right now, Mark is at the mid-point of a three week Olympian effort, maneuvering through the slums of Calcutta, India to document the stories of young girls empowered by the award-winning programs of CINI-India. During this week in which the heart is celebrated, take a moment to visit the website of Goodness To Go, a social enterprise that supports CINI through sales of Goodness To Go – A Handbook for Humanitarians.  ( Many thanks for mobilizing your compassion in action and global citizenship!